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Im so scared for O’s even if its only for 2 subject..Its still a big deal for me ok!
So I’ll be a good kid and not switch on my comp ( unless its for printing ans solution in net)


——- HIATUS till 30 October —–

My head is going to burn out soon.
Pain like shit

Little update 24 October 2008
1more paper to go!
Had my EM paper 1 today,hopefully my EM can attained a good result x(
I think I did some careless mistake somewhere in P1 but Nothing is perfect okay!
I just hope p2 can help me to pull it UP!
I spend the first few minutes slowly,ended up only got some minute to check..like around 2 minute to check -.-
BUT! this is becuz!
I skipped the question im not sure with first,then after all done already,I get back to it.
All done at ard 9.38
then go back to do the ‘circled’ questions..probably just nice eh the time.
I totally not going to take my time slowly anymore for P2!

Overall its doable.AGAIN!
I hope I can get good marks for O’s!
PRAY for me if you’re nice 🙂

Oh I get my ‘appliance for PR’ letter yesterday!


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