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13days to go

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Finally I got the time to update my blog again!
Good news is!
Father already help me purchase on my M.A.C products!
Geez I love those products.
I regretted on buyin them at Vivo M.A.C counter,seriously dont buy from there!
The service standard is totally different when I buy it in Orchad.
People in orchad serve you soooo damnnn polite,people in vivo serve you with their shitty attitude!
Nevertheless I love those MAC products!
School has been hectic these few days.
Keep doing EM and EL for almost a week now.
The stress started to heat up on me already!

Received one of my online dress purchase!
Super satisfied!
Anyway here’s few of my zi lian pics,but the FOCUS is NOT on my FACE is on those LENS!
Arent they the prettiest thing ever?
Loving them’

Hotmail giving me problem but not to worries!hahaa
I’ve search through the windows live mail and find out one software call ‘Windows Live Mail’ in which this software only specialize in your Email and blablabla..
And to my relief!
After installing this I can open up my mail!
The software so chio somemore!

see!its much better than the internet version one!

thats all for now..wont be updating much till O’s over.
Not going for cambodia trip,is super ex and totally not worth.
To add on,I dont really fond of that country v much.
No offence or anything!

Kay till here!


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