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Saw 5 is coming out soon,yippee man!
Saw is like the first-ever hollywood mystery movie that I liked.
They put it as ‘horror’ but that’s totally not horror..there’s not even a single ghost popping out in that movie T,T
I’ve watched Saw 1,2,3,4
Yes they have made such a looooooong sequel to the movie.
But the sequel and overall movie is REALLY NICE!Damn I love it.
So check out in Youtube for the trailer!

Im superr gladd for today’s night lesson in school.
I think it shall me the most fruitful night lesson ever.
I finished both CHIJ TPY prelim paper & trigo homework within that 3 hours!
I really expected myself to be doing that trigo homework till dawn okay!
When I finished the CHIJ paper its already ard 7.55pm and I was like ‘sigh..’
I chiooonggg and when I done I was like:
“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” shouted inside my heart like some super-excited 3 yrs old kid.
I know its nothing gr8 to be excited about,but I really think its worth to be happy about it!

bro came ard 6pm,which is the time Im still in school.
He’s now sleeping peacefully in another room,hahha how I wish I could wake him up and then I could chat all night with him 😦 !
I want to chat chat chat with my elder brother!
Sucha long time since I chat to him!

Till here 🙂
Florida’s song is hot


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