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Purchased another things..

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Im back to blog again.
I just drank up a cup of coffee like few minutes ago?haha I dont want to feel sleepy no more!
I began to like the taste of coffee nowadays,not an addict yet soon I think?
Anyway,had thought a long time before purchasing one item at some shop,yea..I just crossed my finger and hope they’re nice and good and send me the item.
Cuz if they did,I’ll be an online shopping addict sooner or later..haha
Item there are like so freaking affordable,but still you’ve to be aware of scamming.
Thats why I only bought one item which I like 😀

Anyway,back to talk about my life here muahaha..
I’m excited of going back to Indo at nov!
But! its still long way to go T.T
Elder bro going to come Sg at 29 sept and Dad also coming at 1 Oct.
YES!Dad coming!Which means can ask him buy me lots of M.A.C products!
Im desprate for it for like so long lah!
I hope he’ll buy for me man..

Mum currently on some diet programme.She very ai mei okay!
And somehow I also motivated to diet again!
Of cuz la!I dont want stand beside my mum and hearing ppl talking about how fat I look.
So!Meal for today!
ahha i shall not reveal what I ate,untill I managed to lose 6kg.

Things Im hoping so bad now :
– Revise my studies smoothly and score well in O’s
– Went back to indo had some facial & spa treatment.
– Lg KF350
– New digital camera
– My things that I purchased online, to reach to me ASAP
– M.A.C concealer,foundation & respective brush.

Damn..I hope I wont be having daughter in the future.hahaha
Its like girl need alot of money to satisfy their neccesities!
Its a good thing that im the only girl,so my mum can shower me with my needs alone.

Lol..im totally joking about ‘wont having daughter’
So anyway,watched ANTM Season 5 ep5 & Project Runway Season 5 ep 11
And long time before,watched 4bia.
I simply love the girl named ‘Pink’ who act in the story 2.She’s so pretty!
4bia made my day!
Im loving horror movie,they simply banished away my stress.


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