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UOB gave me the wrong bank code and thus I wasted my 3days in waiting for the transfer to be sucessful,which in the end failed.
Then in the middle of panick,I re-transfer the correct amount and all to the payee..
but the thing is it will only reach to her on monday and by then the spree is over.
Shit la!I didnt notice of all those.STUPID STUPID!
Nvm lesson learnt now.I shall not believe uob anymore.
But that is if I pay to other bank,If I pay to uob bank is like 1second all it takes to transfer.
I’ve emailed the payee,waiting for her reply which probably reach me tmrw.
I hope she can either cancel my order and refund me or extend the payment deadline.
SHITTY man that bank..

Anyway,Im not going for the Thailand trip for sure now.
This incident confirms me in saying so,cuz I thought ‘if she nv refund me I would lost $38 so since I’ve lost that money,I take it as going to thai money and confront myself that if i go it would cost be bigger money”
My mum & dad would also not agree la,even I havent ask them.
I would predict that 98% is no.
Furthermore,Mum also said that we’ll having a tour to Australia on NOV.I hope it will happen,its very rare to go western country with mum& big bro.
Cuz most of the time it will cancelled.
But this time somehow,my mum keep convincing me that we WILL go there for tour.
GOSH i really hope we do.
So that I can see the country that I would probably spending on the next period of my years.

Dad gonna come SG on 1 Nov and he’ll buy me M.A.C products :)!
I hope he wont mind about the price la,cuz I want to buy the brushes for appliance too.
I realised that Brushes is much better than sponges.
I know,im very slow in realising it T.T!

So anyway I think she’ll not probalbly extend the deadline for payment,she probably cancel my order..But im in doubt that she’ll refund me la!Shit
Lets see what she reply tmrw.

Anyway,received my EM/POA/SCI1 today
For EM im so gonna bang my head hard and learn my mistake la!
I got 1 question all wrong cuz of my silly mistakes!I lost 11marks for it!
So in the end I got only a B3.
I hope I would improve on O’s man..alibaba haleluyah!

For Poa,other ppl & I get a 3 marks addition cuz of one question..WUAHAHAH!all must thank me kay!so I got 86.5 dropped drastically from last year’s 91mark

SCI 1,damn..this..my physics MCQ sucks!I got lots of cross for it la!
Gotta buck up on it man!
Got a B3 for this too
dropped again from last year!

ARH! all dropped la,I hope my EL pass
I would v happy if I pass,there’ll be like foam coming out of my mouth man!

CL ORAL IS this friday!
shit la my chinese now,I keep talking in English and my chinese accent bcm so weird.

KAY NOW must talk chinese @home!

I found this phone while searching the web,its LG KF350
its so look like Jap phone kay!
Im in lurve with flip slim phone now!
I hope SG will have this phone next year.

Watched MTV VMAs 2008 just now,Im so happy that Britney Spears won 3 awards that is :
-Best Female Videos
-Best Pop Videos
-Video Of The Year
Damn britney!you rock!
This is her real come back,those paparazi & kevin federline is the one who ruined her life.
She’s still her.
Im her small little fan ever since Im 9.
ahhaha..she’s so famous last time that in my city sold like every form of her albums (cassette,cd,..)Britney’s back!

damn its along post,better stop here..bye!
UOB is driving me crazy!


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