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Hey again!
While I was doing the Am paper,I suddenly have a thought :”Gosh why I make life terrible for me,by doing this kindaa amaths?”
Anyway,went to J8 after school with AJ.
We laughed all the way throught out all the 3 buses journey.
After that went back home.rest for awhile,then got changed.
Off I go to Far East to get my fringe cut,and buy one tube dress.
Im so loving a one-piece dress lately..Its just so convinient to wear la!
Btw,IM HAPPY THAT I FINALLY FREE!,well not for long thou..
I finally can wear back my contacts,wee I love contact lenses..Specs is no-no after exam!

Saw this thing long ago,its kindaa shocking how this girl change so much solely with make up!
TO THIS!:She even show to the world,the step that she take to transform
copy & paste this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5RxdCH25GE

Its shocking okay!
at first I thought is surgery la!
Im thinking of buying M.A.C products when my mum’s here..but not sure cuz I want to get my hand on the product!

I activate my ibanking already.
It sucks that it takes 3 days to transfer to different bank.
But things online is much more cheaper than things in Far East.
Far East is not cheap at all,boos to the people who say its cheap! :X

Im loving the new dress tho.
Just bought a new suspenders in skirt form.
I wanna be a multi-billionaire so that I can purchase all the thing I want without having to worry about the price tags!
this dream wont ever will come true I guess..ahhaha!

Kays,till here !


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