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2more days,3more papers

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Its like finally I got the time to sit down properly and update my going-to-die blog.
Pimples is popping again,stress is on again..
Gosh I totally realised I’ve just thrown away my teenage years like that,studying and mugging..
hahah..I felt so old saying those things..
I wanna go to place which is much more relaxing,there’s no way I would mug like this again after sec 5 – which is like 1 more year to go?
I wanna go out of singaporee!SO STRESSFUL HERE LA T.T
My brother convinced my mum to let me go England,but to no avail.
I only got to ‘wish’ as far as Australia.I didnt like it but its my only choice if I were to study overseas again.
I wanna graduate fast! and study there can save at least 1 yr!
Its too early to say all these things now,changes might happpen we’ll not know wad happened next.

Im changing my foundation and concealer!
I start to love M.A.C products,gonna buy from them perhaps after prelims?
It would be better if I go there with my mum,cuz like that I would not worry abot $$ matters.
But she’ll only be in SG in NOV,which is like super damn long..
I love that my hair is finally so long now,well not really long but its kind of long..hahha i dont know wadahell i talking about!
I want a select cover concealer and studio fix foundation from M.A.C !

I love the black dress that my auntie gave me! its lovely love it to the maxx!
IM so going to activate my internet banking a/c soon!
I wanna buy lots of stuff online T.T


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