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Its been quite a few days since I blogged yeah?
Anyways,I cant wait for a day that I can dont think about studying,and this day wont probably happened untill I work T.T
Reality is soo hard -.-!
Prelims coming and Im soo gonna wear specs to sch again,even tho I look horrible in it 😦
Cant help it.Contacts sucks for exams,they can like,dried up & makes ur eyes feel uncomfortable suddenly.But well,contacts is definitely better than specs.
Its like 10 benefits for contacts and 2benefits for specs..
(I dnt knw wadahell I talkin about)
Tried the Starbitez pizza thingy..
Not as wow as I expected.Feel that I shld spent the $$ on canadian pizza or some other places.

Im currently craving for these items,’hopefully’ will got em’ after O’s? i wonder…:

1.the most expected one –
more dresses/tops/bottoms.

2.Curling Iron!
the 28 or 32mm ones.
Trust me,I permed ma hair before and its superrr
hard to take care T.T
(even tho I gt the temptation to perm it again)

3.handmade headband-
this is like the coolest thing..totally gonna spent my time
making those bands after exams?..

4.Scarf Headband.
Yea I know Im crazy about headband nowadays -.-
Probably becuz it can help my
super nasty thick hair to look slimmer.
But hey!scarf headband is hot xD

5.Nail Art.
Im sick and tired of having short nails cuz of
school/contact lenses.
Im soo loving this thing,its like so kind of ‘disposable nail’

6.Porsche Flip Phone
Im totally diggin’ on different brands on getting phones nowadays T.T
but this is like the most impossible to get.
Its not even in SG!
But you cant deny the hawtness in this phone!

I hopeeeeyyy I will get em’ one dayy :)!

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