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Nintendo DS Lite !Yayness!

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Gloomy Happiness :S

I gtta mixed feelings nowadays.Its like Im happy but at the same time Im sad.
Tuition today was okay,went smoothly.~
Mum came at 10pm,got my NDS LITE!some beauty products like sliming thing and my ‘dura skin’ cosmetics stuff..
At night mum asked me to book a flight online.I did.
And she’s keep asking some weird stuff that somehow make me pekchek -.-
but anyway Im thankful about the NDS LITE 😀
Im excited about it.
But my EL compre marks today bring my mood down..
myspace image at Gickrthis is the Game catalog,contain some of the 1000 games ready to put inside the R4.
Bought all in one set
-the plastic casing
-screen protector
-R4 + micro SD
-Game catalog
-the NDS lite (of course)

R4 is illegal btw ~!
I love this plaster that cat gave me~! so cute lah xD
till then 😀


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