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weekends? -.-

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Mum gonna come here in a week’s time again!
Cuz she wants to go Malaysia,as my bro is moving out to a new hostel again..yes for the zillion times..
This year’s weekends sucks -.-

99% of our life is hard
thats why the 1% of happiness is so sweet,and lasted so short -.-

My whole legs is still pain cuz of the 2.4 run..I hate pe ,esp running..
and retest for napha is out of mind,what’s a retest for?passing?
seriously just fail my run and napfa,its not something I care about.
And so what if I pass my napfa?
Can I get into Poly/College by that?

Found this pic,try to solve it..its not as easy o.O
Lets talk abt NDS lite~!
LOL,I also dont know how I started liking Ds lite.
I never like any gaming console in the past,it always been my elder bro who was always having all those gaming thing.

Flashing back..
When I was kindergarden,Elder bro already owned a ‘Sega’ I think thats an older ver. of Playstation?
Then when I stepped into Pri sch,mum bought him another playstation + tv,she also bought some ‘DDR’ carpet for me to somehow ‘dance’ on it..but most of the times,I didnt have the chance to play it..
Go to sg,mum bought him gameboy.

Now,each of us gets one console
Elder bro – Ps2
Me – Nds lite
Lil bro – Gameboy advance

Most of the ppl seemed to like Psp portable more than nds lite,which I still cant understand why.
I think Nds lite is super handy and nice + portable.It got my fav touch screen + microphone to interact with some games.It got better gameplay.
and its not really true that they contain much of the girly games..
For the Vid/Mp3/etc..that Psp are able to play,somehow I dont needs it -.-
Mp3 -already have one
Vid – have a portable Vid player

I seriously think that Wii is much more better..just that its not portable 😦

Cant wait for my Nds lite ^-^
they’ve purchased it in Jakarta,and its sooo much cheapperrr

Just wished that I can controls the time,
So I wont neglect my work too much..and i believe i cannnnnn~! *bhb*
actually I wanted to purchase it after O’s but I cant resist my temptation!
Gosh its long post -.-
End here~


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