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have been very lazy to update blog nowadays..I seriously hating the times of mugging and mugging,and I guess I have to ‘enjoy’ the hateful period,for like another one and a half more year..GREAT..

Thursday was hectic seriously..Everything is so crump tghter.
Mum,lil bro,& maid all went to chinatown and other places to shop,and innitially they asked me to go too..But somehow the ‘seem never to be done’ assignments made my mood to go..
I hate it!
I wanted to go out with em’ while they’re here,and that’s exactly the reason why I do kind of bad in my results during my school yrs in Indo..I cant focused~
talk abt mock test,damn..I made some careless shit that cost me big marks…

-self consoling-

Oh well,guess I have to endure all this shitty craps till next year -.-

Had a wonderful~ tuition today,Im happy with today’s tuition..I got to ask all the thing I have to on time,and seemed like I didnt waste any single seconds ^^
My auntie’s the young one,smsed me and she said my NDS lite had been purchased!Its soft pink.
Cant wait~

I want a chio flip phone like these jap phone~!

1 of jap phone cost ard $800 which is = 4NDS lite..
but its hella gorgeous so its worth it!
and why must jap phone uses CDMA and nt GSM??!
Its so chio tt i hope nokia/lg/samsung will copy the design..
till then 😀


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