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Be Yourself Day 2008

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Attire for the day :Its a harley davidson tatoo shirt,oh wait..does it even look like tatoo in this pic?o.o

Our class~

Pathetically,we all cant agree to a theme..so Ms Loo thought that we all shld wear a cap.
And tada!
So anyway,cant post many pics cuz I still havent gt the photos from Sammie yet T_T !
Sammm,send me those photos~! x(
We still have the pics that we took during Pe lesson.. AAAA!PIC PICS!

Mum came today,she bought me a new range of skin product,’Dura Skin’
So I will use this Dura Skin and put my Clinique aside for a while.
This is all becuz of the stupid redish pimple that seem to never be gone T.T
Oh and my 5yrs old lil bro,Billy,also came with her..
Gosh..he’s so tall nw!

Im going to buy NDSL tomorw,hopefully things will go well…PRAY FOR ME!
Im in lurve with this Taiwan Band call ‘DaZuiBa/Damouth’ i mean the song is so freakin catchy and cool~
Currently watching ‘Papa to Musume no nanokakan’
Aragaki Yui is cute,but Hayami Mokomichi is too hot in zettai kareshi..
If only there’s season 2 for Zettai Kareshi,I want see more of Hayami-san acting!



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