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Going Nuts!

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Heloo again..
Im very lazy to update this almost-going to rot blog,been very busy with my schoolwork lately.
3more months is O’s alr!
and I dun wanna to regret anything,for real.

And my pimples is improving! 🙂
I’ve got my new lens few days ago,and surprisingly wen I wears it,it look super clear..
Its like as if I bought the wrong degree,but I didnt, its the same degree~
I love my new lens
Its so clear,so cheap,so blackish and greyish

I’ve been updating my diary as in the book format ones,instead of this blog..
I guess I can be more honest there than here..uh wadever~

Had a sdden EM LSP today,reached home at ard 4.30
Very tired kay T.T never even take a good nap !
Maybe I shldnt take a nap anymore -.-
But but..

Im despo for DS lite,
but at the same time Im worried to get it cuz Im scared I cant concentrate and all..
But if theres no entertainment,I will be soo freakingly stress la T.T
Mum allow me to buy alr,but I just still havent sure yet to get one at this moment.
If Jambi has it,she will sent for me.
My heart prays for doesnt has it.
My brain prays for has it.
Okay i think im going nuts -.-

Till here,
Im off for my beauty night sleep!


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