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Winnie tagged me to do this quiz..
I shall do it xD
[10] Firsts

First best friend:Shinta
First pet: Rabbits..they die so freaking fast -.-
First piercing: On my ears
First cd: Ants story
First car: Toyota’s Innova
First stuffed animal:barbie~!Stuffed version xD
First place called home: it shall be my doll’s house

[9] Lasts
Last beverage: Fruit Juice
Last car ride: No car..but bus..I took 6 bus today o.O
Last phone call: Jac
Last song you listened to: Kekkon Dekinai Otoko Ost
Last bubble bath: last week
Last time you cried: 2days ago
Last thing you ate: grapes

8] have you evers
dated one of your best friends: girlfriends yes.
been arrested: no
sknny-dipped: wtf this mean?
been on a limo: nope..but soon ! xD
been cheated: nope
been in love: yea
been in a car accident: no
broken a bone: yes

[7] Things you are wearing
simple things that everyone wear when they’re at home

[6] Things you have done today
go for lessons,go to shops,home,eat dinner.and do this quiz

[5] Favourite things
1) crazy about having Nintendo DS lite now,gonna buy it at year end!
2) Watching dramas~
3) Iphone!
4) Shopping

[4] People you tell almost everything to,
almost everything?
It would be my mum.

[3] Choices
Live or die: Live
Sweets or chocolates: Sweets
Swim or run: Swim

[2] Things you want to do before you die
I cant think of one yet..but im sure its the moment where I’ve done anything I needed to

[1] Things you regret
Its personal =x


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