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Proposal Daisakusen

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goshhh!Proposal daisakusen is suuch a good drama!
its the nicest Yamapi drama i’ve ever seen ~
Go yamapi*
*yamashita tomohisa

I watched this drama within only 1 day and I finished the whole 11episode.
When I watched the 1st episode,it alr so gd xD!
Gosh im a drama freak
and my blog song is the ost of this drama..
Somehow this drama really tune in to the lyrics of the song!

“Hora, anata ni totte daiji na hito hodo sugu soba ni iru no/Look, the person who is important to you is right beside you.”

Yappari, high school times are the best.
Staying behind to clean your classroom, festival events, getting scolded by your homeroom teacher (Speaking of the sensei, it’s the same wacky actor from BusuKoi! lol), walking home with your friends. Who would know that such troublesome duties will turn into precious memories that you’ll kept reliving after six years? Aishhhhh, who doesn’t wanna go back in time?
I feel that studying for exams,revising is totally not enjoying youth..
I feel tt my youth is just being wasted..how i wish i could go back to 13~14yrs old!

The classic quote:HAllelujah chancee,NOOO~!
Most touching scene:

very lazy update nowadayss,being busy with some stuffy
My lense have arrived!But I cant collect it tmrw,cuz of the damnn tuition that I had ARGH!
I shall collect it next sat 😦

p.s:My boss,my hero is quite good too~!


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