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GeekyMe & my sleepy maid

Im so stressed these few days -,-
esp the fact that I need to redo something that is ALOT! GOSH
Brain cant properly function right now,totally..
Mom came 😀
gonna shopping with her tmrw 😀
YAY..loves shopping with mum!
she gave me this swaroski necklace as promised
Oh and I just got the Annual Awards Day picturess 😀

Never look at the camera! 😦

And I know by ‘stressing’ isnt help so..i just gotta do sth abt it ..haiz
Im happy cuz mum assured me that I wont be in SG after sec 5 😀
But she go on and said if I really go abroad she will only visit me once a year ..that is so heartbreaking..but well..no pain no gain!
Lets just wish my pimples could gone,my stress could relieved,and lastly i can study abroad.

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