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The boring daily rantings

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Mum will come SG tomoroww 😀
and lets just hope that she will bring me to shop shop and shoooop!

when is Be your self day gonna held again?
Damnnn I cant wait for that day to come…i’ve got a super ‘weird-looking’ outfit to wear on that day,so yeah cant wait!
I wont wear something simple for sure,I’ll wear things that I wont be able to wear it when I goes out.

yesterday slept at ard 3.30am,I already lie on the bed since 1am but I just cant seem to get my eyes closed -,-
then I remember that I have actually drinked coffee earlier on,yeah sounds pathetic ahaha..
Super miss my family,actually I really wanna go back to Jambi during this hols.But somehow,something tells me that staying here is better due to the O lvl exam prior.

Argh!Im sick of these not-enjoying-youth daily routines.
I read this thing about these SG twins,BY2,who gave up their O’s to pursue their career and they are only 16 this year.
Its shocking,but I admire on how brave they were to make tt decision.
No pain no gain

My pimples brings down my mood
till here..tatas


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