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Got back report book today,was happy that I can maintain the position level.
Even though there’s alot of Cs,amazingly enough I got 2nd for class&level positionn :DD
I thought I wont be able to somehow ‘maintain’ it cuz this year is really though -,-
Anyway,YAY 😀

Will start the plans nxt week!Hope can go smoothly!
After school went to MoguMogu to eat

We ordered our food through this machine and paid our money through it also.Interesting eh?
Our food!
Sam,Jk,Hui and I ordered the Kawaii Bento.
That I much regretted to have ordered it.Its so small portion and nothing special in the taste,just the decoration is attractive.And the Price is $9.90 -.-
Well,it was an interesting experience to have tried it anyway 🙂

Our group photo~
AJ was pranked by us by going to the Far East Ice cream stall,hahaha her reaction was soo cute!
Reached home and immediately went to my deep sleep x)
I was so addicted to Nodame cantabile that I slept in the morning yesterday,well,almost in the morning..

Nodame Cantabile is such a goood drama~!
Till then xoxo 🙂


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