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Happy Vesak Day :)!

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Its supposed to be yesterday,but in Indo is supposed to be todayy..
So after school,nopi went back home and went to my hse,lent her some indo novel 🙂
After that went to Kwan Im temple at Bugis.
Mum called again,she said we’re going to have a trip to Ausie at dec and Im so excited..I hope she didnt lie to me this time round.
My leg is freakingly pain,theres a scar there and it will get supperr pain if it get exposed with water x(
And yes,Get back gy No one pass and the highest is E8 the rest F9…was not that shock with my 18/50 score.I mean this teacher mark so strict lah..Last year there was a same question came out on Natural Vegetation I answered using similar answer and I got full marks for that question.And now?Only got 6 out of 8 marks.DAMN.

This yr totally deproved.
Its saddening.
Alot of things to arrange!
and lets just wish for miracle to happen to me x'(

Finally I’d watched finised First Kiss,well almost..1more episode to go 😛


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