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another outing :)

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Went out with Lan to shop
Met up at orchad,we r like calling each other and asking :”where are you ” where we r actually near each other.okay blablabalha..
Bought some dress,and the cashier is a dummie seriously.
Luckly I checked the plastic bag,if not I will went home with some other auntie dress!
Yes!she switched our clothes accidentally!
Okay anyway after that went to Plaza Sing,Novena,Tpy.
Alot of place alrite..cuz lan is desperately searching for ‘thebox’ hahaha..!
and is actually at IKEA x)
Bought pair of shoes at Novena 🙂
And some fake eyelashes at Plaza Sing.
Ate our lunch at Pepper lunch..we were busily eating away so..didnt manage to take a picture of our food.Anyway here’s the food that we order,I ordered the Japanese Curry Beef hamburger Rice,and the japanese curry is so freaking nice..
Lanny ordered the Beef pepper rice..

We ate it freakingly slow as it was soo hot..But mine’s delicious alrite!
Watched this show ‘A shot at Love 2 with tila Tequila ‘
Its interesting even though the content is rather M18.
Its a show like bachelor ,just that this bacholerete is a Bisexual..yes,this means that there’s 15 straight guys and 15 lesbians girls participate in this show..To win this Tila girl heart.
Interesting indeed.
Thats why I watched it!
But Watch it till ep 4 only,it was freaking boring and full of craps.

Didnt manage to take any picture with Lan today 😦
We actually wanna take some,but we’re too tired to take one.
Watched ‘Le grand chef’ today online..its soo nice can!

There’s sch again tmrw -,-
and Im supposed to go to temple tomorow,as it was vesak day period.
and somehow I feel excited to go to temple x)!

Im currently watching this drama call ‘First Kiss’
Its nice..I love those romantic but NOT sad ending dramas!

Its a cute and nicee drama!
It got a very high rating in Jap and I love Mao inoue 🙂
Okay by the way,I finnallyy Changed my blogskins!
Its 3 column now and simple.Yeah xoxo!


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