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gah!deproving :(

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Finally I pass my Am,the teacher rounded up my mark become 50!YAY 🙂
and get back CL & EL paper today
CL paper 1 ( 43/70)
freaking disappointed with my CL paper 2,yes,I failed the paper 2 ( 30.5/70)
but overall passed 🙂
EL paper 1 (34/60)
EL paper 2 (23/50)
The pathetic thing is that I only got 9/25 for compre and 14/25 for summary.!
Why all compree so hard!
Compo just passed.I shldnt have chosen the Q5.Determination…haiz 😦
BUT lucky lucky lucky,I pass EL !

Left Geog paper,hopee can pass (please..)!
So that at least I cn pass all subj. x(

EL (overall) :52/100
CL (overall) : 53/100
EM (overall) :58/100
AM : 50/100
POA : 91/100
Combine Science : 73/100
SS :25/50

I’ve got a lot of C5 and C6 ..damn 😦
And no sch on monday!yay!
No post exam activities for the 4N’s and we would have normal lessons,gahh this suck!

“An apple A day keeps the doctor jobless someday..”


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