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Hey again..
Gotten back most of the exams paper,well except for EL,CL,& GY
Im just so praying to God that I’ll pass my EL x( (please..please..)
Anyway going to get back our CL paper tomorow at the hall,so freaking nervous! Hope I could pass pass and pass! ARRRGH!

Amaths :49/100

I really hope they would add up Ca marks on Amaths,freaking hell x( 1more mark!
And Emaths,got a huge number of careless mistakes again… -,-
But its somehow an achievement cuz last year sec 3 I failed my EM mid yr and End yr..
well at least a pass.Im happy :)!
Damn..Hope I’ll get good overall score for report bk 😦
Hella disappointed with my SS 😥
I hope I wont gt lazy during June,cant help it.
Dont knw whats the reason but everytime holidays will surely no mood to study.

“If you do [something], there is nothing you cannot accomplish; there is also nothing you can accomplish by not doing anything.”

“Yatte yarenai koto wa nai, yarazu ni dekiru wake nai.”

Lol my new quotes -,-


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