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Flag day

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Flag day was a total mess in the beginning.
The organisation was sooo inorganised.
They make us go from angmokio to toa payoh and back to angmokio again -,-
Anyway met with sam and Jk at 7.40 and we headed to meet hui after that.
Sam phoneee is totallyy gorgeous,esp the Mozaic application!

“Hohoho…dear sammie is looking hot today “She’s thinking of meee muahahhaha xDSpot me.

Totally cute isnt it?I hate that plastics bag thing,I prefer tin 😦

We’re looking kindaa ‘fresh’ at the starting,and we’re looking ‘deadly-tired’ at the end.
We didnt slackkk!Walked a long long round to ask people for donation..
Most of the muslims ,old people and Jc students give us the donationn 🙂
Some mid-30 aunties /uncle simply ignored and walked away.
After that went home with my legs so numb and all
Managed to play swing with hui!hahaha
It was fun afterall 🙂
Tuition cancelled today!hmph!


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