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This morning as usual wave up my hand to the 145 bus,then that stupid white hair uncle just drive past me like that.Took another bus to chase that 145 by getting off at the next bus stop.Still,the uncle wont open the damn door!
Im so gonna show him whats really call waving hand tmrw
Anyway class bonding was great as I got free foodd hahahaha 😀

That was so kind of Ms soh to buy sucha lots lots lots of stuff,shes great 🙂
stop laughing at the picture,I know I look fat in it
Mid year timetable has been given out and its just a few days away to it.
Went home with novi and dessyy today,novi went over to my house and we chatted about lots of stuff for like about 2-3hours.
Its sucha long time since I last talking to her 🙂
Okays till here ~


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