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On wednesday i ate up this thing,which i’m sure it already expired like weeks ago..but silly me didnt even aware of that!
This thing has been kept in the fridge since early feb its been only a months so I thought its okay,and it turn out to be SOO not Okay..
I slept very early on wed like ard 8.30?
Totally terrible day,I kept on waking up every hour as the pain is totally unbearable..
Its even worse than you could ever imagine..
Thursday rest for the whole day,and went to see doctor..he said most probably i gt some food poisoning or just an acute diarhoe(whatever u spell it)
Didnt tell my mum abt this,well I only told her when my condition is okay.
Well a result of this,my E-learning getting piled up tghter..
I managed to complete 3subject yesterday..well..5more to go 😦


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