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Happy birthday Lanny :)

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Very late updates from me nowadays x(
All thanks to the school work+test+homework!
make me gotta pimples 😦
Anyway,rushed to changed and meet lanny at the destination ard 6.30pm.
Lots of people come on that day,ppl from 4N,4E,and other lan friends
The place was freaking huge,its like a palace,im soo amazed by the KTV,Study area,Tennis court and blablabla..
So manage to took some pics with my Love<3

Biki meow.!

Sammie the PAPAYA muahahaha 😀
I love them 😀

Talk to mum ystd till 12midnight,she’s really a gd person to talk too..

Her words make me realise on whether am I doing the right thing.
She left this morning at 6.30am
She bought some accesories,shoes,and 2 new bags +watch for me..
Brother is coming the day aft tmrw,father also..
Life is too short to get angry (:
thanks for the feedback,I’ll work on it.
Finished watching KO one its not bad..X-Family & HYD nicer
Watching Jotei currently

I love the Female lead,Kato Rossa and the Male lead,Matsuda Shota!Love the drama especially


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