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Happy Birthday to me x)!

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Im finally turn 17 years old!

I got a feeling that this year will be a seriously tough year for me,cuz I was sick on the 13~15feb which one of the day was my birthdate -,-
Oh well,anyway 14feb spoiled as we had to go to SDC till 5.30pm -.-
took one photos on that day with susu (:
I look super pale and sick x(
The belated celebration-16feb08
@ wheelock place,sun with moon japanese restaurant.

Me,lanny,& biki food of the day ! ahhaa

the cake was strawberry short cake x)
Then we play the wadever so called ‘dont laugh,dont move’ game
is the sen dan lau ren game.
The forfeit was to eat a mouth of cream.ahaha.
Lol justin say this is the way to tahan ur laughter.

@the ladies toilet

HOHO!me and wifey!

samantha!she look like a gothic jap girl on that day!

the group photo.

thanks to lanny for editing the pic & some of the spoiled pic x)!
Thanks all for the valentine presents & birthday gift 🙂
and lastlyyy hope ya guys enjoy that night!


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