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Happy CNY!

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Im back to blog again 🙂
Happy Belated 19th Birthday to my dearest broo,his birthday is just over (6Feb).
Father came today ard 1830pm and I reached there ard 1800,so I waited for like 20 over mins.
He brought lotsa stuff.
Things like bag,crackers,specs’ frame,food,present and so on..

The early birthday present from mum

It being wrapped so nicely la pleasee o.o
Sony Portable DVD player :)!
It look like laptop somehow o.o

the screen is 360 deg movable!
It comes with LCD screen and a 6hours durable battery!
yoho!can watch drama while im travelling alrd!
Its been sooo LOnnngg since I last posted my father picture right?

Father said that his presents will be only given to me on next months,he say he need time to ‘prepare’ the present.He’ll be giving me a neckales with my name on it !
I hope I receive it soon x)!
When I said im going on 17 this year,he was like ‘woah so fast 17 already,I thought you still 11’
I wish Im still that young in age though xP!
thats all for todaayy,gonna work hard for next week 3days test in a row!

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