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NLB day with lann (:

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Just as the previous post say went to meet lan ard 12pm.
I wore the simplest tops w/o any touch up on my face,well my aim is to look like a bookworm,
and I guess I success.Coz I really look so plain -,-
Anyway,we headed to Yoshinoya before we went to LB.
I ordered Salmon bowl,Lan ordered Beef bowl.We’re so hungry that we hardly make any conversation.
Then,went to LB.LB was soo freaking full,no place for us to sit T,T!
We did found a place,but it got no table.So we change place 2times before we go to cafe at 1st floor.
Then we finally stick at the cafee there to study.
Thanks for your guide lol lan 🙂

I MUST MUST NOT fail any test from now on!

Anyway,I wanna lose my weight!But it seems impossible since theres many occasions coming up,I’ll eat ALOT.
Just look at how gorgeous is Paris Hilton body is.
Shes freaking HOT!

Im too busy to even shit or eat,theres no reason why I shld waste my time to think about it.Thats how life goes anyway 🙂


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