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Yesterday sleep ard 23.20 and wake up ard 9am..
I feel sooo refreshed today,hahaha yesterday once I jump on my bed,immediately I fall asleep.
I have sooo many things to do nowadays!
Have a El tuition later on,and tomoroww meet up with Lan to studyyy am 🙂
Urghh,I just hope when my father came on the 7th Feb,he wont mind me not taking him out as oftenly as lastime I did.
Coz,I needdd to studyyy!
Gosh,since when I love to study?Its like a miracle.
Anyway,my father’s here is to give me hong baos from my relatives in Indo,my preseentss,and something elsee.
Lol I should be happy,but somehow Im not.Cuz he will ask me not to study so much when he’s here..
Sigh,is it becoz my grandmother on my father side is a sgrean tht makes my father loves sg so much?
I wanna goo Canada after sec 5!If impossible,is after poly.

Anyway school gave us the monitor badge pathetically for 5 ppl in each class,well even tho its pathetic..its somehow cool.Its been like almost 4yrs I wear beatty badge,so changing a new badge is kindaa interesting.

I wanna go make my spec soon!
My bro birthday is like 4days later and he’s not coming to sg 😦
When he came sg on the 27dec~2nd jan he promised he’ll come,in the end its not.
He’s turning 19 this year andd he totally not planning to celebrate it.The reason is becuz he need to do assignment.Sia la,I never heard my bro become so guai before..
I miss my family 😦
Its been six years that I spent my Chinese new year w/o them.Sounds so pathetic rite?
Nevermind tho, 😀
Thats all and ciaooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


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