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a dead brain post

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Sylvie Study non-stop todayyy!
and her brain exploding soon.she’s gotta veryyy heavyy and thick panda eyebaggg!
She blame herself for being sucha careless personn,why?
coz she’ve just lost 10marks becuz of a total careless mistake in the test!
Anyway,hope she’ll learn frm her mistake and wont repeat sucha stupid mistake again in the future.
Class ended at 2.30pm,which is 2 hrs late than the usual time.
Lets skip abt cca part,is not-worth talking.
Im just wondering why nowadays ppl love to behave like my indo fren,wen?
Is it the IN fashion now?

Anyway,I could see the trend in Beatty from 2005~2008
When I was sec 1 @2005 the trend is
-short tie
Sec 2 @2006
-Folded skirt
Sec 3 @2007
-Hipster skirt
Sec 4@ 2008
-Hair extensions
HAHAHA!Just being boreddd~!
So!I just wish that I coullldddd passss well in testts!


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