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Its weekend againn!
anyway,the new EL teacher came.She was pretty good actually,know how to teach but I think her way of teaching is very draggy.
Next lesson it would be a 1 1/2hr session liao!2hr too long for 1subject!
And I have to ask her nt to use her phone!
okay la she didnt use THAT long,but I just dont like if tutor pick up phone and chat like as if time is sooo wasteable.Okay Im nt sure wasteable is a word -,-
X-Family is sooo addictive lah!
Finish tuition I watch 3disc already,gosh after this drama I shouldnt watch new ones already.
All dramas so addictive!
Oh btw evrytime I remember the word ‘heavy-metal’ from X-family Xia tian,I would laugh like madd..his english accent is super cute!
After school didnt go for HFC,becuz havent finish my tuition homework.
I thought I will spent more than 1hr to do it,in the end I do it around 1hr like that ahhaa.Feel so bad to leave biki alone loh.sorrry! x(
My back is aching all over becuz of that PE lessons,talking about PE I jump 2pts that day and they was like didnt believe me -,- lol.
Was bored and,

Okay I dunnoe how I’m supposed to study Geog,chem,Em within less than 3days.Gooingg crazy alr.Lastly,totally wanna post shout out to my mom,ahhaa she’s been real nice with me lol x))!

Till here,xoxo


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