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Received my El compre thing today and yeah I only gt very little marks.
I was stunned lol seriously,becuz for this compre I did actually ask my EL tutor for most of the answer and still Failed -,-.
I msg her bout this,she said maybe she inferred the passage wrongly then she ask me that I may want to reconsider to continue the tuition.Actually I was fine with that.
Then I ask my mom,she said that the tutor very ‘jual-mahal’ means like she sees herself so highly,so she asked me to just change.
Actually her fares are quite in the cheap cattagory:
2hours 1times/week
1month $160
But then cheap stuff doesnt always last long,so I call for about like 4 to 5 agencies and most of them gv me the price as $200 same timing and all.
I was sooo worried its like $40 more expensive..!
Then I think and think,maybe I shld cut down the timing to 1.5hrs.
Well,even though I think 1.5hrs you cant hardly learn anything,but well its $50 cheaper.
So one agencies found one tutor alrd and its coming this thursdayy x( SCREAM~!
then another agencies call so i just said to them.”its okay” and the people was like so angry she said “If you dont really want to find tutor dont waste my time!ok bye!”
I was like so blurred out o.o
When the tutor come Im soo gonna discussed with her whter 1.5hrs enough for learning or not..
So freaked out,one month spent about $440 for tuition ONLY .GAHHHH!! x((
Ms Tanny Koh was like so nothing to do,today supposingly got test on 2 chapters and I did waste my time to memorise the end-year paper topics.In the end?she didnt came,relief teacher replace her and gave out the REVISION worksheet.
Freak loh!we can like refer to the TB for the answer,its like so totally wasting my weekend time.


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