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What a day

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I gt alot of things to confess but I dont think I shld confess it honestly here.
Well,I shall just partly confess some stuff
When I got back home and was going to take a nap,I think a lot of stuff lols.
(yes,you can say that Im a thinker,well the geek ones).
First I thought about dropping AM,but no worries already I already make up my mind not to drop it.Cuz nowadays Ms soh teach really fast she didnt even call us to note down something,its like when she start a new chapter she just go on with the Exercise its very hard to catch up.
I’ll try,okay lets make it sounds more enthusiasticly,I’LL TRY MY BEST!done.
Anyways I got a three tuition days in a row line up for me starting from thursday,Im sooo nt gonna waste a single seconddd!(give the determine look,with a peace sign).
Mom called and says somethinggg very exciting 😀
Total Defence Day,yeahh talking about that makes me so pissed.
We dont need to bring books on that day,report school at 11.30am but still finish school at 5pm.Whats the difference herE?
Oh,whatever.They wanna make my 17th birthday a memorable want.
Anyways becuz of this thingy my birthday celebration will be going to be on the Saturday,16FEB instead of 14 feb -,-
Wokays thats it.
(wave hand with an evil grin on the face) 😛


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