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I always feel like its friday when it comes to Thursday,err..so anyway
I thought I put my contact lenses wrongly this morning so recess time i try to go and change.Lol and it turn out that I actually have already put it in a correct place LOL!
Doing tuition hw tonight x(
After school went with Lanny to food court talk and talk,reached home ard 16.30pm.
Call mom just now,she sound super busy.She said that Jambi’s petrol thing now is limited to private car all those stuff..
and why must this year total defence day must be on the 14th?Its like they are really trying to make my 17th birthday the memorable ones(well as in ,in a negative way).
If the SDC thing really going to happen and they nt gonna change the date,we’ll see..
Okay I know I know,my test results are dropping and Im nt trying to be childish or anything but you know some people just seem so happy when they see that you score lower than them.
Its common,everyone does that.Bt some people are just being so exaxerated bout this.
Im nt blaming,Im thankful actually.
you get the first laughter,and Im so gonna get the last laugh


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