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Life in Jbi wasnt as great as the last time I was here,which is during the June hols.
Ystd wen asked me out with her friend and all 3girls 3guys.
The last impression that i got from her is that she’s weird.LOL sounds funny?
Well,wen I msged her,her reply was surprisingly sweet and kind.And so I thought she changed for the better,and so I said ‘okay I’ll go’.
They fetched me and when I got to the car,i tried to make some conversation to get along.
Yes they did reply me when I talk to them..the answer is just a yes or no..not more that 5 words for sure..and after answering they contd to chat with each other clique..It was as if I didnt exist.
They just talk among themselves..
It isnt wrong,but if you wanna asked someone out you shld talk to em’.
The whole outing was fcking boring,people here are freaking retarded and crazy.
After eating?
They fetched wen home,and is it just coincidence or what?Another girl stayed over at wen hse,so when they fetched wen home automatically I’ll be alone with 3 guys in the car.
Not that Im saying those guys are bad or what.
I didnt even know those guys at all..I only know that they’re wen classmates.
Isnt it better to send me home first?I mean my house was much more nearer than wen house.
So those two cheap girls just leave me in the car with guys that I didnt even know.
FCK them,they’re like happy becoz of this..
That another girl,during we eat just keep laughing like freaking witch+pontianak becoz she was sms-ing with the guy that she have crush on..This girl only talk 2 words with me on that day.
after dropping them off,My mind was like WTF?they leave me alone?
Even though aft that they quickly send me to my hse,I was still pissed off..
Trust me,you really dont wanna in my position on that day.
It was terrible man,it was like Im a transparent human,didnt even exist.
The real incident was fucking more worse than wad I’d describe.
Sgrean is so muchh better,like c’mon?
Planning to go Bandungg on dec,I hope we really went there.
Bandung is anther part in indooo…its so muchh betterr than Jambi.
Im rotting here,regretted that I actually went with them on that day.

The stiches on my teeth has been removed 🙂
It cost only $4 here cheap rite?
Bought new DVD’s:
JOTEI,Coffee prince,romantic princess,shutter2,LIFE.
Was shocked to know that BAMBINO,YAMADA TARO MONOGATARI,LIAR GAME was actually sold at the dvd shop..
Was freaking cheap okay!


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