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At Batam airport lounge

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Today wake up ard 05.45am and now I finally reach Batam Airport.
LOL,let me tell ya how Im going to travel to Jambi.
First,HabourFront,Singapore ->Habourbay,Batam.
Second,Habourbay,Batam->Batam Airport
Third,Batam Airport->Jakarta Airport
And finally,Jakarta Airport->Jambi Airport.
So ma fan right?-,-
Usually From Batam airport go directly to Jambi Airport,but today gt no time slot to fly to Jambi so we gt no choice but to transit through Jakarta first.
Even now still gt 1more hr fr the plane to arrive.
Anyway,fr those who goin to chalet,enjoy ur chalet! 😀
Might nt be blogging so often now 😦
cuz Jambi connection sucks like hell.
Of course,msn will still online 😀
Bored x(!
My teeth feels kindaa weird and odd.But the bleeding and the pain has stop.Hope everything will turn out right.

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