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I juz get my wisdom tooth removed this morning,the teeth is kindaa big.The whole process is really a hell to me,even though they injected some painkiller alrd but the pain still appear,so they decided to inject another painkiller -,-
Its very painfull okay,even untill now theres a lot of instruction to follow:
cant eat hot/hard food and blablabla.The whole thing cost $536
Anyway,yesterday went to bishan to buy clinque product.Altgther spent $216 to buy 4 items,yes only 4.
The people there gave us double free gift.
So reached home and tidy up my clinque stock and TADA!
I guess I can open up a mini clinuque store alrd.Even this pic is not all,the clinuque lipgloss+lipbalm+mascara is nt inside here.The little product there is part of the free gift:D

Went to sentosa with my mom,litle bro,uncle,and maid.
Sat on the cable car.


Close Encounter show.

Song of the sea,yea is boring now,..is my third time goin there.

I love this ‘clown’ he keep making cute pose!his ‘peace’ pose is the cutest but sadly didnt took the pic of the ‘peace’ pose.Nevertheless this is still cute.

Mom& litle bro..

Little bro being vain -,-

thats all im goin back jambi on da veryyy earlyyy morning on the 12 nov x(
Actually im supposed to go back to dental to removed the stiches that sewn inside,im worried that the denstist in Jambi might not did a good job on removing the stiches.
GTO 5.43GB file has downloaded finished!YAY YAY YAY!
till then’


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