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Long time didnt blog alr hahaaha X)
Anyway aft sch went to fork n spoon with desy,nov,&mon aft that went to buy buble tea in the ‘KOI’ shop that just opened.(beside munchy donut)
It has a lot of pearl.
The cashier doesnt even know what amt to give us for our change -,-
After drank finish the buble tea,had a terrible headache and my stomach feel bloated somehow.
EEK!I wont buy anything there anymoreee!
My mum & little brother are comin to sg sooooooonnnnnn!
and soooooonnnnn enough I’ll be goin back to my hometownn,wohooo cant wait!
I want go Japan 😦
Okay run out of topic alr..Erm..
Oh,yesterday my com suddenly lost ‘her’ voice ( yup she is a girl ) and made me panicked to deathhh.Yeah I get panicked with things like this,I cant live w/o my laptopp man.
So luckly now its okay alrd :))!
but will buy one new speaker when mum came.Current speaker sucks.
will update more soon xP!

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