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Sentosa Visit on 15oct07

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And I think that we are suey..
cuz just when we reach sentosa,after buy all those tickets stuff.Suddenly it rains -,- rain untill at late afternoon then stop.Camwhoring and camwhoringg..
Since its raining,we need to find some indoor place to look here and there.
The only thing that crossed my mind is the underwaterworld.
Ticket fare is ex and not worth it,but since we gt no other place to go..
haha this one unique want,it called the “Sea Angel “.It doesnt look really clear here but if you look closely at the real thing it really DOES look like an Angel.LOL REALLY.Im not jokinggg~!
It got transparent feathery wings.haha It look like Nemo doesnt it?LOL is actually a clownfishThe super huge crab,freaks me out -,-

And saw this fish called ‘dugongs’,this is the fish that people has been mistaken it as Mermaid.Funny though,somehow I didnt notice that it LOOKS like a mermaid.Another fairytales lies huh.

Then we entered the tunnel,its beautifull!SUTEKI!
My maid took this,just nice when my dad’s is sneezing?HAHA looks funny!
Took videos inside the tunnel,take a look 🙂
it takes a while to load x(
We got complimentary ticket to the dolphin showcase thing cuz of the seaworld ticket purchases.
But my maid ticket is like lost so only my dad and I go in.I know it sounds cruel 😦Last show of the day is the Song Of the Sea.
Didnt feel the excitement as it was my second time going there.
Dad was surprised by this though.And..Dad went back Indo on the 16th Oct he in sg only two days btw.
Anyway..thats it
Ciao 🙂

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