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LG Prada finnallyy is mineeeyy ((:

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Have been goin out with ma father days ago.
Well anyway,He finalllyy bought me the LG KE850 PRADA I’ve dreamed about this phonee recently and finally I got it :DD!
We cabbed to Singtel Hello shop there realise that I havent take my passport with me so we walked back again this time no taxi used -,-
Anddd no,I wont bring it to school.I still havent recovered the feeling of losing phone on Feb 07′ so I wouldnt wanted this phone to lost again.If that happens,I think I might as well just suffered from an Depression?no depression is pathetic.Maybe I will just sat down and cried aahha thats a simpler and healthier way.Daddy also bought back some stuff from Indo-which is stuff that my mum has bought.

On that same day when daddy bought me the prada phone,at that night we went to Night Safari to tour ard theree.I never been there beforee and yup the ticket is quite expensive but I think is well-worth it.

Being really vain and asked my father to take picture infront of lots of tourist -strangers.

Then queue up to take this train in the tram station..The train take us to see lots of animalss and thats really relaxing cuz its at night and the weather is like so coolingg..


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