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Hanazakarino Kimitachi-e

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yesterday juz watched finished Hana kimi Japan version and the ending is totally cool,I mean its much better than Taiwan version.Esp the cast there,Taiwan’s Hana kimi cast has too much make up for the guys totally -,- and automatically turned the guy into G.A.Y.
Anywayy I loveeee Ikuta Toma -Shuici Nakatsu
I barely Notice him when he acted at Hana yori Dango 2.
Btw,here some of the screenshots of the dramaaa;

MUAHHAHA i love this last three shots!
Ashiya look so cute in thereee damnn x)
Dad’s comin today,but he aint gonna buy me the phone straight.
I guess sunday then we’ll go buy.
Its okay lols,as long as I gona get the phone in the end.
Currently nothing to do,and is like damn boreddddd!


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