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Wanna lose weight T.T!

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Whaaddup peeps!
Enjoy todaayy 🙂
went out with lan todayy and bought some clothes watch Resident Evil totally loves this movie but the ending makes me confused -,-
Went ard orchad road few times just to get the “nice & worth-it” clothes,leaves us to become like freakin tiredd.
I love THEFACESHOP stuff nowadays.
The stuff there is affordable,service is gd and many moreee.

Then they told me if I could spent $80 within a month I would get a LIFETIME member there.Now I only spent ard $30 damnnn its like still far awayy to reach $80.

our clothes of the day 🙂

Tommorrow planning to work out to gym and swimming.
I wanna lose at least 4kg man T.T
Im so fat right now!
Father coming on this saturdayyY! YIPEE!

Went out to LJS and do some lame stuff,here it goes!
My face look like craappp x(


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