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End of NYP attachement

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Hey wazz up peeps,it was suchh a long time since Im online with my comp.
Im high today,sing with winnie on our way back to school and we sang it just for Vikki and Lilin~!Yuhuz they shld feel honoured,and I cant help but to ROFL when winnie is doing her so call ‘rap’ MUAHAHHA ITS FUNNY.Damn it man,I should video it and let people see how great she was when she was rapping.Yeah..’great’.
I thought that poly canteen’s food is much more ex compared to Beatty and its like the otherway round instead.The price there is like soo sooo much cheaper than our school,and its DELICIOUS~
Had our theory exam for gameplay today,and Winnie and I got a FULL MARKS :)) AHHAHA!
Then we make this game call ‘Hunny Adventure’ and I designed for the level 1.WOHO~!Excited!First time make computer game!
I created this level~!

When we’re abt to dismissed,the Mr koh gave us a note book and a small note pad as a souvenier.They’re adorable seriously,I mean the book of course.

We had our 2nd tea break @3.00 and the food was specially nice tdy,love it.
Then took some photoss:

Vikki I manage to capture youuu~!

our ‘classrooms’

Winnie@ the hallway?

the studio’s


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