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Hello people!Im updating my blog at NYP now xD
Just had my 1hr lunch break.
Attachment here released us at ard 5-5.15 and I cant take my afternoon nap throught out this week.
So we gt 2 times tea break which lasted abt 15mins each tea break and one 1hr lunch break.
And the people are like so kind,every tea break they provide us with some refreshments which I obviously love it.
@the canteen me&vikki
me&winnie in our ‘lab’

I find this like quite a bullshit cuz nw EOY approaching and we’re here in NYP to make computer games?and we’re like spent most of our time playing the games.And when da hell the teacher gonna gv us the EOY timetable??WHY DELAY SO LONG?
Yesterday I slept ard 11.30.LOL actually I v tired alrd and I dont know why I was like forcing myself to finish up the work.And in the end I DID finish the work 🙂

*sighhhh im waiting for my next teabreak! till then’


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