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Late update nwadays cuz EOY is like approaching and theres like so little time to do even a single stuff like blogging.
Im finally manage to complete the CHINESE BLOG ,I hope the teacher only start marking the blog project’s today xD

On monday,which is the only day that our class need not go back to school for an extra class,Lanny came to ma hse do some stuff here and there had a good time laughing 😀
Then went to Shaw watch ratatouille.
Its like my FIRST time watch a cartoon movie at cinemas,I dont usually watch it at cinemas though.Oh well,Ratatouille is an execption the movie is like sooo GOOD!

Took photos of the Ratatoile posters after finished watching the show,Lanny help me edited this.

MAUHAH this look like the Rat,Remy was trying to cook me xD!
and for god sake I didnt know why I closed my eye~!URGH I look horrible terrible.
Notice that the smokey thing look so real? xP

Long time didnt post up random pics yea?..

My maid doing her ‘jumping jack’ .

Oh and I wanna recommend this site;
not only it gotta movie,it also gt anime,tv show and all and most of them is in high quality!
I just watched ‘Evan Almighty’ on that site and it seriously saves me a big bucks!
The quality so high xD!
Im CURRENTLY in love with the MAURY SHOW!

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