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Happy teachers day!

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Wazz up human~!
no lessons fr today as our school celebratin aces day & teachers day.
We’re passin ard the holla hoops with our leg tied up among each other,to start off,hula hoops bein passed to Ms loo & Mdm Soh they’re kindaa slow us down.But who caressss?
They played the girlfriend song and its somehow kindaa rockin the hse.
Teacher’s day concert was FAB FAB FAB!
I was totally laughin my ass off during the KahMeeStree thing,totally creative.
Monica’s group also rockin’

Accompany wifey lan to FTPSS,met Riz,Sangeetha,sharmila and others on da way.FTPSS seriously drools,(oops no offence =x) the former student only allowed to enter the canteen and no wer else.They said that the students were studying and only allowed us to enter the school at 1pm,erwk..The principal ruined my mood.
After that went to Kheng Cheng School,where is soo much better.
Pupils arent studying,we cn go canteen and hall areaa.
I love this perfomance of the Malay students!
Lols btw back in my p6 there was like no malay students only chinese then now they have quite a number of them.
CUTE CUTE!They were singing my heart.

with some bubless on the background!KCS gt a new swing,new bench and new principal..

We ate TWICE for lunch tdy.
First one in FTPSS,Second in KCS.
lanny eating the oreos xD

Havent got back our report slips due to some erros.
This is totally not a holiday for me,we have to go back to school 4days!EW!


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