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Grandma’s & Grandpa’s anniversary

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Uh alright,the anniversary is like few weeks ago,and I was nt there in Jambi with them~

oh well just wanna post up the pics here cuz my blog seems so dead.I dun really have anithing to blog.I hate my degree eyes,cuz I have to wear contacts or specs every now and then and its troublesome.This is my 4th year wearing contacts everything’s been going right for the past 3,5yrs but after I was back in my June hols my right eyes start to feel slight pain everytime I tried to insert da contacts.URGH!Hate this trouble,wish I could just Lasik my eyes fast xD!
Aft school went home directly with AJ and we didnt bring umbrellas so we rannn all da way to bus stop.
For my progress card I failing 2 subs.Btw tdy teacher give me a certificate of achievement cuz of the elective modules that I taken part in before the june hols.
I realise that blogger can add some vids thru our folder alrd
so Im just checkin on it to try whether it works


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