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Humanities Field Trip

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Yesterday was surprising,I actually didnt online for the WHOLE entire day :0
Aft eaten at KFC with lan,win,pw,they went to study and my brain cant study anymore things so I went back home instead.
Yesterday field trip took a lot of photos,sadly I accidentaly erased half of the photos which most of them contained pics of the Senoko building and some trash.MUAHHAHA~
@Senoko Incineration Plant

Lols why so serious?

While we r moving up and down with the staircase,the smell of it was terrible and horrible.I should spray some perfume on my tie earlier.And I swear I wont go back there again,like who will?
On da way back,camwhoring with AJ phone xD
Lots of ‘personal’ things happened on tuesday,have settled on it anyway.
Im desprate for end year hols,cuz by then my mum will come to sg and when she’s in sg I can finally change my phone.ARGH!Not only that,I cant wait for a shopping outings too~!


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