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Paris hilton’s new clothing line @kitson

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Yes I know its been like few weeks ago since she launched this and I forgot to update it ahhaha..

Paris clothing line at kitson

Sadly enough,kitson cant be found in sg,neither can it be found in Indo.
For the grand launching,Paris were there and was kind enough to STYLE the first few buyers attire.How sweeett I wish I was there!
Paris upcoming Films (yes,films not movies)
The Hottie and The Nottie (2008)
Okay enough of the Paris stuff,now back to today’s
Im freakin angry that our end-year hols is being cutted to 2weeks as our class need to go for some extra lessons.Each day is from 7-12.And we only got our hols at 9nov where actually our hols start on 26oct…!Well I think that its not that bad,cuz im friggin scared of nxt year studies scared i cant cope x(

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